Our Projects

The following are some of our projects:

  • Seed Portal (available at https://www.seedportal.org.ng)
  • Vacant Jobs Portal (available at https://www.vacantjobs.com.ng)
  • Maize Farm Assistant Android App (available on Google Play Store)
  • PBR Cowpea App (available on Google Play Store)
  • Superb Guide for Aptitude Tests (available as ebook in PDF format)
  • and more.
Nigerian Seed Portal Web Application

Nigerian Seed Portal is a web application that promotes the adoption of improved seed varieties by facilitating easy access to valuable information on released seed varieties and improved agricultural practices.

Vacant Jobs Web Application

This is a web application that provides the platform for finding and posting vacant jobs in Nigeria, with the main focus of tackling the problem of unemployment.

Maize Farm Assistant Android App

Maize Farm Assistant is an android mobile application that provides digital agricultural extension support that can help maize farmers to improve their productivity, achieve better yield, and enhance their income from maize production.

PBR Cowpea App

PBR Cowpea App is an Android mobile application that provides recommended practices to farmers and Agricultural Extension workers and seed producers, on the production of Pod Borer-Resistant (PBR) Cowpea.

“Superb Guide for Aptitude Tests” is an excellent and valuable book for job and scholarship aptitude test preparation. It was created by our excellent team, and made available for free as part of our social impact initiatives at SuperbSolve Technologies.